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Ole Wenzel

Chief Executive Officer


Ole founded Sens4 in 2017 after a 14-year long career at MKS Instruments Inc. as managing director of MKS Denmark.

Prior to his career at MKS he founded Wenzel Instruments where he invented MEMS based thermal conductivity micro-Pirani gauges. Wenzel Instruments was acquired by MKS Instruments in 2002 and he continued his leadership role with the responsibility for the MEMS indirect vacuum gauging product line. The product line grew to become game changing in the vacuum industry.

Ole is co-inventor on the US patents: US9335231B2, US6672171B2, US6909975B2 and US9335231B2.

Ole has educational background as electronics technician from the physics department of the Technical University of Denmark.

Ole serves as CEO of Sens4 A/S and is highly engaged in the process of inventing new product ideas and concepts.

Ole was born in November 1971.



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Ole Wenzel

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