Gearing up for Industry 4.0


Gearing up for Industry 4.0


August 21st 2018

The Mads Clausen Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Southern Denmark is partnering the project and has Industry 4.0 smart factory automation as one of their research areas. In addition to the academic partner, the project also includes two commercial partners: MM Technology, which has invented a platform for data collection and analysis, and Spectro Inlets, which has invented a mass spectrometer technology for analyzing liquid samples.

“We are proud to be among the small elite of companies that are selected for the digitalization boost program, and it brings a unique opportunity together with leading international recognized researches to form our digital strategy and develop our next generation of innovative process transmitters for the Industry 4.0.” said Ole Wenzel, CEO and founder of Sens4 A/S.

Sens4 gearing up for Industry 4.0

Sens4 A/S raises R&D (Research and Development) funding from the European Union to design and develop digital process transmitters and solutions for the intelligent factory.

The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is in its early stage and is about to computerize the manufacturing industry with high level of automation, self-diagnostics, predictive maintenance and artificial intelligence. 

Process measurement data is essential for the intelligent and smart factory in Industry 4.0. Process sensors and transmitters are moving from traditional analog process transmitters with simple current or voltage outputs to fully digital, intelligent devices that interface to process equipment through digital communication. 

About Sens4 A/S

Sens4 A/S develops, manufactures, markets and distributes solutions for temperature, vacuum and pressure measuring and controlling.

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Pressure transmitter from Sens4 A/S