Sens4 develops, manufactures and distributes programmable transducers and transmitters for vacuum, pressure and temperature measurement and control for industrial and scientific applications.

We supply standard products, private-labelled products and customized measurement solutions.

Achieve exceptional measurement performance and the ability to individually configure the pressure, vacuum and temperature measurement products for the actual applications with the S4-Connect™ digital interface.


Measurement products for solar cell processing
Semiconductor application
Measurement products for analytical applications
Measurement products for food processing
Measurement products for wind turbines
Oil&gas applications
Measurement products for heat treatment

Through our innovative measurement solutions, Sens4 products provide reliable and accurate measurement data that is often essential for process repeatability, quality and automization requirements driven by Industry 4.0.

Applications for our products are found in many industries like analytical mass spectrometry, physical vapour deposition coating, furnace heat treatment, semiconductor processing, food & beverage processing, renewable energy and electron microscopes.

The Sens4 team has many years of experience in supplying measurement solutions and application support to the semiconductor industry, analytic equipment manufacturers, and furnace heat-treatment and coating industries.

Take advantage of our experience and contact us next time you need a measurement solution for your application.