Sens4 develops, manufactures, markets and distributes measuring equipment for industrial and scientific applications worldwide.


Sens4 was founded in 2017 by Ole Wenzel after a 14-year long career at MKS Instruments Inc. as managing director of MKS Denmark. Ole was the originator and inventor of the MEMS based thermal conductivity Pirani gauges that over the course of two decades grew to become game changing products in the vacuum industry.

Temperature is one of the most common physical quantities measured, controlled and monitored in the process industry. The Sens4 team discovered opportunities to make a difference in the market segment for temperature transmitters and developed an innovative platform of semiconductor-based sensor products for temperature measurement and controlling to be used in a variety of industries. The first temperature transmitter products were launched in February 2018.

Following the temperature transmitter product line, the product portfolio was extended with a series of precision pressure transmitters based on ceramic and stainless steel diaphragm sensor technology. The transmitter series offers industry standard 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC output and pin-out, but can be user configured and programmed from a PC with the unique S4-Connect digital interface.      

Our mission is to continuously endeavour to provide customer-centric state-of-the-art measurement solution

Technology Leader

In February 2019, the Sens4 team launched a record-breaking SmartPirani™ vacuum measurement transducer based on Pirani heat-loss micro sensor technology. Sens4 has invented cutting edge technology that enables measurement with unmatched zero-point stability and eliminates well-known measurement drift as a result of temperature changes. Furthermore the novel and market leading SmartPirani™ technology extends the measurement range beyond the range of any other competitive Pirani gauge by providing measurements down to 1.0E-6 mbar (7.5E-7 Torr). The SmartPirani™ technology has established Sens4 as the global technology leader among the Pirani gauge and vacuum instrumentation vendors.   

We have customers in different industries including analytical instrumentation manufactures, semiconductor equipment manufactures, coating equipment manufactures, pharmaceutical industry and space industry. 

Our core technology and breakthrough solutions enable high measurement performance with integrated controlling options that, at the same time, offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

We are currently in the fourth industrial revolution, commonly known as Industry 4.0, and the way we measure, transmit, analyze and store process data is continuously changing. It has never been more important to harness measurement data and to use big data in an intelligent way. We have an intense focus on Industry 4.0 demands in our product roadmap and technology portfolio. Secure exchange of data is critical in the industry and we are exploring the demands driven by IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) in order to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology.


We are shaping the future of vacuum gauging.

Our products are designed, engineered and made in Denmark to the highest quality standards. We use cutting-edge engineering tools, CAD, simulation software and 3D printing to design our products and to deliver superior product performance that pushes the limits. 

Sens4 is privately owned by the management, and we are strategically driven by customer-centric solutions and long-term goals. Our long-term strategy, visions and innovative mindset have been acknowledged by grant of several research and development soft-funding programs.

Our mission is to continuously endeavor to provide customer-centric state-of-the-art measurement solutions.

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Mads Marstrand

Head of R&D

Sens4 A/S

Nordre Strandvej 119G

3150 Hellebaek


Phone: +45 88447044

Email:  info@sens4.com

CVR: 39389029

VAT: DK39389029

Bank: Nordea Danmark

CEO: Ole Wenzel

CTO: Caspar Christiansen

Directions for Sens4

MADE membership

Sens4 is member of MADE (Manufacturing Academy of Denmark). MADE is applying research, driving innovation and strengthening education to improve the competitiveness of Danish manufacturing.

More information about MADE can be found on https://en.made.dk/


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