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October 7th, 2020

Hellebaek, Denmark, October 7th, 2020 – Sens4 A/S, a developer and manufacturer of vacuum and pressure measurement solutions, today launched the iVacSens™ series, the world’s smallest wide-range vacuum transducer.

Vacuum measurement is fundamental for operation of many types of advanced equipment like mass spectrometers, scanning electron microscopes, plasma sterilizers and leak-detectors. Conventional vacuum transducers and gauges include a vacuum flange, a housing, and power supply electronics that occupies space when integrated in equipment.

The new iVacSens™ is based on the record-breaking MEMS SmartPirani™ sensor technology that offers a measuring range of 9 decades from 1.0E-6 to 1333 mbar (7.5E-7 to 1000 Torr). The iVacSens™ transducer concept transforms the traditional vacuum transducer product to a vacuum transducer module for OEM equipment integration. The module contains all essential parts for installation and the sensors are individually calibrated and ready to use straight out of the box.

The result is an ultra-compact solution for measuring and controlling vacuum gas pressure that occupies a minimum of space and can be directly interfaced to equipment electronics and microcontroller unit using the digital or analog interface.

“In recent years, critical vacuum components, used in analytical instrumentation, like turbo-pumps has be shrinking in size and the iVacSens™ series is a step further for miniaturization of vacuum systems which is driven by inquiries from our customers” said Ole Wenzel, CEO of Sens4 A/S. Ole continues: “The combination of small size, modular design, low power, high level of integration and measurement capability down to 1.0E-6 mbar is a unique combination that provides new opportunities for OEM’s to design lean vacuum systems and instrumentation.“

“The iVacSens™ Series includes standard configurations, but we also offer our expertise to customization of measurement solutions based on the iVacSens™ transducer module. Customization can be vacuum system connection, digital communication, control functions or electrical connectivity”, said Dr. Caspar Christiansen CTO of Sens4 A/S.

The iVacSens™ module is a space saving and low power alternative to traditional wire Pirani and legacy MEMS Pirani gauges and in some applications an alternative to cold and hot cathode ionization gauges. It is available in three different sensor configurations with a module size of 27×17×16 mm (1.06×0.67×0.62 inch).

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