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Sens4 offers drop-in replacement products for many vacuum gauge products. In many vacuum applications the recommended equivalent Sens4 product can provide measurement performance enhancement and improved stability due to its novel technology and modern electronics design.


  • Match of analog pressure signal scaling
  • Provide connector pin compatibility
  • Match relay setpoint functionality
  • Emulation of digital communication protocol

The Sens4 drop-in replacement vacuum transducers offers connector pin-out compatibility for direct installation in existing vacuum systems without change of cabling. It also emulates the analog output scaling and range of the equivalent competitive product.

Furthermore, the Sens4 transducers can also emulate the digital serial communication protocol for easy installation without changing the vacuum equipment communication software.

The digital protocol emulation also provides compatibility with power supply and controller display units from other vendors.

Enter manufacturer name and part number for the product that you want us to match, and we'll review specifications to recommend the closest Sens4 match.

We offer drop-in replacement product for many other vendors gauges

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