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June 17th, 2021

On June 1st. 2021, Sens4, celebrated its 4-year company anniversary. Sens4 was founded with a vision to provide engineering excellence and customer-centric instrumentation for temperature, pressure, and vacuum measurement in industrial and scientific applications.

The Sens4 team has been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and rapidly invented an innovative product portfolio that today holds several record-breaking and unique vacuum measurement products. The products and their advantages have been noted by leading global companies in the semiconductor industry, analytical instrumentation industry, general vacuum industry and space industry.

In 2018, the first products were launched to the market, starting with a family of transmitters for temperature measurement and control in industrial applications. The same year, a ceramic diaphragm pressure transmitter followed.

An Innobooster soft funding grant from the Innovation fund of Denmark was an enabler to develop a MEMS Pirani vacuum transducer with extended measuring range, which in 2019 resulted in the launch of the world’s first and only Pirani transducer to achieve 1E-6 mbar measurement capability.

In February 2020, an additional SmartPirani™ transducer with atmospheric ambient pressure sensor was introduced. The atmospheric ambient pressure sensor allows measurement of vacuum chamber pressure relative to barometric pressure. The SmartPirani™ ATM is designed for accurate and reliable loadlock pressure control in semiconductor equipment and other general vacuum applications.  

As a result of inquiries from customers in the analytical instrumentation industry, the SmartPirani™ measurement technology was miniaturized in 2020 and the ultra-compact iVacSens™ vacuum transducer product series was introduced.

In December 2020, a new multi-sensor vacuum transducer was introduced. The combination gauge combines the wide-range SmartPirani™ technology and its measurement capability down to 1E-6 mbar with capacitance and piezo diaphragm sensors for gas independent measurement from 5E-3 to 1333 mbar.

"We are currently on a journey to transform the company from a start-up to a scale-up company with focus on building customer base and global sales channels." said Ole Wenzel, CEO of Sens4 A/S. Ole continues: "However, we will also over the next 4 years continue to follow our fundamental passion for inventing new technology and product solutions that enable our customers to improve their processes."

“When the Corona pandemic hit us and stalled ongoing customer driven projects and product qualifications, we assessed the situation and strategically changed our short-term strategy from gaining market share to develop a capacitance diaphragm combination transducer and the ultra-compact iVacSens transducer.”  said Caspar Christiansen, CTO of Sens4 A/S. Caspar continues: “We quickly and agilely adapted to a new reality, and we emerge stronger from the Covid-19 crisis with new, innovative products and enhanced customer awareness.”

Sens4 offers a range of products for temperature, pressure, and vacuum measurement and has established a technology-leading vacuum measurement product line.

Today Sens4 sells and markets its product solutions globally to customers in the coating industry, analytical instrumentation, freeze drying industry, semiconductor industry and medical industry. The products are also distributed through private branding partners.

It’s time for changes – rethink vacuum gauging.

Rethink vacuum gauging

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