• Configuration of pressure, vacuum and temperature transmitters
  • Configure analog output
  • Set measurement unit
  • Program setpoint values
  • Perform adjustments and calibration
  • Compatible with 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC  transmitters
  • Reduce inventory by flexible and individual configuration of product parameters
  • Diagnostic tool for predictive maintenance
  • Read real-time measurement data for visualization
  • Free software for easy intuitive use
  • USB compatible plug-and-play
S4-Connect logo
S4-Connect digital transmitter interface

Designed, engineered and made in Denmark

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Many industrial analog process transmitters with industry standard 4 pin M12 and 4 pin DIN 175301-803A connectors offer little or no individual configuration options. They also typically require time-consuming disassembly of the product to get access to user-configurable parameters or calibration adjustments.

S4-Connect™ is a flexible and cost-effective communication protocol invented by Sens4 for programming and configuring digital transmitters and transducers for temperature, pressure and vacuum measurement. The communication interface allows digital communication with analog transmitters that do not have available pin-out configuration for standardized digital communication like RS-232, RS-485 or IO-Link.

Digital communication over 4-20 mA current loops is also possible using HART interfaces; however, the overall cost for HART transmitters and HART modems is relatively high.

Configuration of analog voltage or current output

The S4-Connect™ programming and communication unit provides access from PC software via a USB interface to the digital core of the transmitter.  It is compatible with both 4-20 mA current output and 0-10 VDC voltage output transmitters from Sens4.

S4-Connect software
Transmitter programming and communication USB unit

Easy to use software

Through the intuitive S4-Connect™ software the user gets easy access to programming the setpoint relay configuration, unit settings, zero/full-scale adjustment and scaling of the analog voltage or current output. The two-way communication offers additional diagnostics, such as time on, minimum/maximum measured value, serial number, part number and the internal temperature of the transmitter. 

Real time measurement

Real-time readout of the transmitter measurement value can also be obtained with the S4-Connect™ programming and communication unit, enabling data logging and process system test and configuration. The software offers graphical representation of the measurement data and supports exporting of the data for further analysis in other programs such as Microsoft Excel.

USB interface with status LED

The S4-Connect™ USB adapter’s LED provides status for digital communication between the transmitter and the USB communication unit.

The S4-Connect™ USB adapter generates the supply voltages necessary to operate the connected transmitter from the USB port, thus no additional power supply is required when connecting the transmitter in this way.

Access to digital transmitter core

S4-Connect programmer

The S4-Connect™ programming and communication unit opens a digital world for traditional analog process transmitters that enables easy and cost-optimized access to perform calibration, adjustments and individual configuration of the transmitter product to customer applications and requirements.