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S4-connect™ is a digital interface for digital communication over the power-line invented by Danish tech company Sens4 A/S. Analog process transmitters for measuring pressure, vacuum and temperature use already established industry standard connector types and pin-outs that do not provide space for separate pins for digital communication.


To overcome this challenge Sens4 developed a solution where digital communication is transmitted over the transmitter supply voltage. The S4-Connect™ interface is established with a compact USB programmer and communicator that can be connected to PC, tablet or smartphone. The S4-Connect™ interface is compatible with 4-20 mA current output and 0-10 VDC voltage output transmitters. The S4-Connect™ interface provides access to the powerful digital core of the Sens4 transmitter product portfolio and enables programming of the analog output scaling, setpoint switching value, zero-adjustment, full-scale adjustment and time-on diagnostics. Additional real-time measurement can be transmitted for visualization on-screen with the free S4-Connect Manager™ PC software.


For more information about S4-Connect™ visit the S4-Connect™ product page.







Pressure & vacuum measurement products with S4-Connect interface

■ Ceramic & Steel diaphragm

■ Programmable features

■ Precision performance


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