PVD vacuum coating coating



PVD (physical vapor deposition) are sputtering and evaporation processes where materials like aluminum or hard alloys go from a condensed phase to a vapor phase and then condense as a thin film on the object to coat. Coating of materials by use of PVD processes are used in many diverse industries and applications including:

  • Hard coating of cutting tooling, milling tooling, drilling tooling, moulding tooling, engine parts and bearings.
  • Decorative coating provides a metallic effect on plastics in automobile industry, household appliances, writing tools, electronics industry and toy industry.
  • Optical coating of lenses, optics, glasses, touch screens and mirrors.
  • Wear-resistant coating coating of medical device like implants, pacemakers and surgical instruments.
  • Metallization coating of crystalline silicon solar cells and wear-resistant coating of solar cell glass.
  • Metallization coating of packaging material.

In metal deposition applications the sputtering process often results in particulate contamination of the vacuum process chamber and surrounding equipment. Such particulates will damage vacuum gauges which impacts measurement performance or reduces the life-time of the gauges.

Engine part coating
Solar cell vacuum coating
Automobile interior PVD

Recommended vacuum measurement products for PVD coating applications:

SMARTPIRANI™ transducer, an ultra-wide range Pirani gauge

The SmartPirani™ is available with a user-cleanable integrated particulate baffle system specially designed for PVD applications. The baffle system is designed for blocking particulates while ensuring sufficient vacuum gas conductance and prevent clogging of particulates. The innovative baffle feature can increase time between service intervals and increase equipment up-time. Furthermore, the extended range of the SmartPirani™ can in some PVD applications eliminate the need for cold cathode vacuum gauges for base-pressure verification.

  • Measurement range from 1x10-6 to 1333 mbar (7.5x10-7 to 1000 Torr)
  • Superior overall performance, range, stability and accuracy
  • Reliable solid-state relays for controlling of setpoints
  • Compact and robust stainless steel design with optional baffle protection
  • Plug-and-play compatible with competitive Pirani and cold cathode products