VPi-5 iVacSens OEM vacuum transducer



  • Ultra-wide measuring range of 9 decades 

  • 3 digital setpoint outputs for process control

  • Analog voltage output
  • Digital UART interface

  • Digital RS-485 interface

  • Remote zero adjustment

  • Vacuum temperature sensor for diagnostics

  • Ultra-compact design


1×10-6 to 1,333 mbar / 7.5×10-7 to 1,000 Torr / 1×10-4 to 1.333×105  Pa

Designed, engineered and made in Denmark

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The iVacSens™ Series vacuum transducer module is the world’s smallest wide-range multi-function combination vacuum gauge. The iVacSens™ functions as a full-featured traditional vacuum transducer and is delivered calibrated and ready to use.

It is designed for high-level equipment integration in instrumentation operated under vacuum, like mass spectrometers and scanning electron microscopes.

The iVacSens™ is based on the proven record-breaking SmartPirani™ MEMS heat-loss sensor that offers best-in-class performance, wider measurement range and higher accuracy than traditional wire Pirani, convection gauges and legacy MEMS Pirani.

The SmartPirani™ sensor technology is combined with a diaphragm sensor, which offers gas-independent measurements from 2 to 1,333 mbar.

VPi-5 wide range measurement range

Multiparameter sensor solution

The iVacSens™ ATM compromises a heat-loss MEMS Pirani sensor, an absolute diaphragm sensor, a barometric sensor, a vacuum temperature sensor and an ambient temperature sensor.

All sensor measurement values are accessible either through a UART or an RS-485 digital interface.

The temperature parameters can be used to provide warning or control signals to shut down equipment in the event of over-heating, or as a parameter for calculating predictive maintenance of the equipment.


Customized solution

The transducer module can be delivered with a custom configuration of setpoint switch values and other digital parameters.

For OEM customers Sens4 also offers customized installation flanges, interfaces, digital protocols, and cabling.

iVacSens vacuum sensor kit schematic

Getting started

The iVacSens™ evaluation kit enables users to seamlessly evaluate the features and measurement performance prior to integration in the equipment.

The evaluation kit offers USB connectivity and evaluation software.  

The evaluation sensor module is mounted on a DN16KF vacuum flange for easy mounting to a vacuum system.


Flexible operation and configuration

The iVacSens™ offers multiple different analog and digital operation modes for flexible integration in customer equipment.

Analog voltage output

The standard analog voltage output provides a voltage signal of 150 mV/decade and can be interfaced to an external analog-to-digital converter.

Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART)

The UART interface can be connected directly to a host microcontroller for digital acquisition of measurement data and configuration of the iVacSens™ transducer module.

RS-485 interface

The RS-485 interface allows multiple iVacSens™ devices to be connected in parallel, with individual addressing of each transducer. It is an easy, standardized interface to external devices. The communication protocol is compatible with the VPM-5 and VPM-7 SmartPirani™ transducer series. 

Setpoint control outputs

The three independent setpoints provide a digital signal at user-defined pressure values. When using the setpoints the iVacSens™ transducer module can be used as a pressure switch to control the vacuum process or to ensure that an adequate vacuum level is achieved for turning on vacuum-operated devices like ion sources.

The switching function can also be used as a safety interlock switch.

iVacSens VPi vacuum sensor module


  • Mass spectrometers
  • Scanning electron microscopes
  • Leak detectors
  • Spaceflight systems
  • Flywheel energy storage
  • Vacuum pump integration
  • Valve integration
iVacSens applications