VDM-2 Ceramic Diaphragm Vacuum Gauge

VDM-2 Ceramic Diaphragm Vacuum Transducer

1×10-1 to 1333 mbar / 1×10-1 to 1000 Torr / 10 to 1.333×105  Pa



  • Measuring range of 4 decades from 1.0E-1 to 1333 mbar

  • Cost attractive alternative to traditional 1000 Torr full-scale CDGs

  • Gas-independent measurement throughout the pressure range

  • Corrosion resistant Ceramic or Parylene diaphragm

  • 0-10 VDC programmable voltage output

  • Digital RS-232 or RS-485 interface

  • Optional solid-state setpoint relays for external controlling

  • Drop-in replacement with other vendors’ vacuum gauges

Designed, engineered and made in Denmark

VDM-2 Ceramic Diaphragm vacuum gauge
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The VDM-2 Ceramic Diaphragm vacuum transducer is based on a corrosion resistant aluminum oxide diaphragm that bends as function of the applied pressure. The core pressure sensor element utilizes piezo resistive measurement. The diaphragm sensor measures the vacuum gas pressure independently of gas type or composition.

Compared to stainless steel Piezo vacuum transducers that typically use oil-filled sensor elements, the Ceramic Piezo sensor element is clean and dry, eliminating the risk of contaminating the vacuum system.

VDM-2 Ceramic Piezo Diaphragm vacuum gauge measurement range

Alternative to Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges

Capacitance diaphragm gauges are used in many vacuum applications for measurement and control of advanced processes. The VDM-2 transducer is a cost-effective and compact alternative to traditional 1000 Torr/mbar full-scale Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges (CDGs).

Enabling use in harsh environments

The VDM-2 enables use in demanding vacuum applications where corrosive gases and chemical compounds may be present. The Ceramic aluminum oxide diaphragm offers excellent corrosion resistant properties against many solvents and acids.


The VDM-2 transducer is also available with an optional Parylene protective barrier to guard against corrosion or oxidation of sensor materials. Parylene, a unique polymer with highly corrosion resistant and hydrophobic properties, is specifically designed for medical applications such as lyophilization and hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization of medical devices.


In vacuum systems and processes where macroscopic particulates are present, the optional protective baffle acts as an efficient barrier against deposition of contaminants on the sensor diaphragm.


The aluminum oxide sensor element is designed to be robust, capable of withstanding instant ventilation and over-pressurization up to 2 bar absolute (29 psia).


VDM-2 Ceramic diaphragm vacuum gauge with baffle protection

Other vendor compatibility

The drop-in replacement vacuum transducers are designed with connector pin-out compatibility, enabling seamless replacement of other vendor gauges without change of cabling.
Additionally, these transducers emulate the analog output scaling and range of equivalent products from other manufacturers.
Moreover, Sens4 transducers have the capability to emulate the digital serial communication protocol, facilitating easy installation without requiring adjustments to the communication software of the vacuum equipment. This digital protocol emulation ensures compatibility with power supply and controller display units from different vendors.

Analog voltage output for external readout

The analog output provides a voltage signal for external pressure readout or controls.
The VDM-2 transducer is available with many different preconfigured analog output curves for seamless replacement of gauges from various vendors.
Furthermore, the output can be configured by the user for arbitrary linear scaling.

Digital Interface

The RS-232 and RS-485 serial interfaces facilitate the transfer of measurement data with no signal degradation over extended cable lengths or interference from electrical noise.
The digital interface enables diagnostics, predictive maintenance, service, calibration, setpoint configuration, analog output scaling and acquisition of real-time vacuum pressure measurements for on-screen visualization.
When the analog output is set to a reduced measuring range, such as 100 Torr full scale, the digital output independently provides full range measurements up to 1333 mbar (1000 Torr).


  • Semiconductor Processing
  • PVD Coating
  • CVD Processing
  • Medical Device Sterilization
  • Short Path Distillation
  • Vacuum Furnaces
  • Freeze drying
  • Vacuum pump service
VDM-2 applications
VDM-2 gauge in semiconductor industry
VDM-2 industrial applications



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